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How Interpretation can Help in the New Age of Automotives


I think most of us will remember the first time we heard about or saw a self driving vehicle for ourselves. Once belonging to the realms of fantasy and science fiction – we’ve come a long way since KITT.

The automotives industry has seen fierce disruption as well as strong assimilation with tech. On one hand our vehicles now come with so many features and gadgets some interiors resemble a spaceship cockpit, on the other hand few people are still calling cab stations for a ride, instead they connect to the service via an App.


The trend will unsurprisingly continue moving forward, some notable expectations:

Consistent updates: Vehicles will undergo annual updates to install new hardware and software. This is paramount to stay ahead of the competition as well as wider developments in the market – for example with the increasing integration of tech you’ll be less likely to see a

car thief using a pulley, but you may see one using an App.



— New features require new messages. Interpreters can help communicate these messages to your internal departments, as well as externally to clients, etc.


Global adoption of greener vehicles: With mounting pressures coming from both government and society in the form of regulation and protest, environmentally friendly transport and emissions free vehicles continue to be implemented globally.


Interpreters can help Automotive companies and regulators alike navigate through the jargon specific to each industry.


Shared Fleets: Shared and expertly managed fleets will dramatically change the market and the expenses associated with logistics and mobility for corporations.


— It’s important for employees to be on the same page as senior management, especially when offering ‘change’ strategies and goals. Trained interpreters can help multinational companies achieve this.


If the last few years have shown us anything – it’s important to stay ahead of trends. Largely speaking, an automotive company which does not adapt with the industry or the market risks being left behind; this has been the case with so many companies in the last 5 years or so.


Do you agree?




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