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Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Professional Interpretation Services

Interpreting is the act of explaining or otherwise conveying the meaning of the spoken word, either in an unbroke flow (simultaneous) or shorter segments (consecutive). We use the term interpretation because translating the meaning of something to a person who does not understand the language being spoken requires more than merely replacing the words spoken. The linguist must first understand what is being said and then explain it to the listener or audience in a form that maintains that meaning.

Our team are professional, experienced and well qualified conference interpreters. They are experienced in various industry topics from pharmaceutical, EWC, technical or general business. All are bi-directional communicators

We have a pool of 1,000 located both in the UK and worldwide

We know how important it is to communicate your message to your colleagues, partners and clients from around the world.

This can be achieved in a number of ways, notably :

  • Simultaneous
  • Chuchotage
  • Consecutive

We are also able to offer remotely delivered services.

Remote services can take on a number of forms. At its simplest, we can offer one to one video or audio conferencing with simultaneous interpretation. At the more complex end of the scale, we can link offsite linguists located in ‘virtual booths’electronically to your physical conference or event. In this case, they work just as they would on site but without incurring the travel and accommodation costs associated with such events.

The marketplace is ever-evolving  so please contact us for more information

Please click here to read the latest AIIC guidelines for remote or distance interpretation

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Professional Simultaneous Interpretation and Equipment

Simultaneous is a popular method that differs from consecutive since interpretation takes place in ‘real time’, with the linguist converting what is said at the same speed that it is being spoken, conveying the full meaning and not just translating words. There are no pauses in conversation. This type of presentation is suited for large-scale events and situations where a pause in conversation may be detrimental to the flow of the event.

For Example, for a product launch, simultaneous interpreters would be used to instantly deliver the presenter’s words, in the target language in, maintaining the mood of the presentation. Similarly, in a conference or European Works Council, simultaneous interpretation maintains the flow of the meeting without breaking the concentration of participants. Consecutive interpretation is not ideal because the message will be delivered in a disjointed segmentsand may take significantly longer to deliver.

Simultaneous Interpretation is Best-Fit For:

  • Large Conventions
  • Voice Overs (for documentaries, movies, audio recordings)
  •  Live Television Broadcasts
  • Board Meetings
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Guided Tours
  • Religious Functions
  • European Works Council
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More commonly known as Whispering Interpretation. It is a type of simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter sits or stands next to a small target-language group, often just one person and whispers a simultaneously interprets directly in a whisper or murmur. There are usually no audio systems, booths, or other equipment which helps the interpreter fully concentrate on the job. It can be used is used where the majority of a group speaks the source language, and only a minority, no more than three people do not. It should only be used where the meeting or conference is sufficiently large that having the interpreter whisper at the same time the speaker is speaking will not be disruptive.

Chuchotage or Whisper Interpretation should not be confused with Consecutive Interpretation where participants take it, in turn, to speak through the interpreter.

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CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION – Consecutive or Public Service Interpretation Services.

Consecutive interpreting is where the speaker pauses after each short section and the interpreter then repeat the words in the target language. The interpreter will then either relay any response back to the speaker or continue in the same fashion.

No special equipment is required and nor does the interpreter need to be an expert in simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpreters are still highly skilled practitioners but there are opportunities to save on equipment costs. There are, however, limitations. Interpretation does not happen in real-time and ‘flow’ can be lost’ It is also only suitable for one target language group.

Consecutive interpreting is often used in public service interpretation such as medical processes or legal proceedings. It is also suitable for simple business presentations.

Please also see details of our remote, on demand service here

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