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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Many would contend that having skilled simultaneous interpreters present at your event or meeting is the best way to ensure the best quality two way communication. We wouldn’t necessarily disagree. However, there may be occasions where travel by interpreters or delegates may not be possible due to government restrictions or may not be desirable to the event organiser for scheduling or cost reasons.  Alternatively, you may may be trying to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing air travel by delegates and interpreters.For this reason, we offer a number of options for remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI). However, we do stress that remote interpretation is not a simple like for like replacement for on site interpretation and comes with its own practical and technological challenges which we can guide you through to make your event a success.

Offsite Interpretation

Here the actual meeting or event will take place in the normal way with attendees ‘in the room’. We will set up a connection between the room and the interpreters who will, ideally, be centrally located in physical booths, able to see and hear through a video link, working together to ensure the best quality interpretation. Where travel to a central location is not possible, interpreters may work from home using one of the specialist platforms we have access to. Interpreters still work as pairs but do so remotely so some of the benefit of direct communication may be lost to them. Delegates and attendees receive their audio feed from the interpreters either using an app on their own device or through the more traditional infra red conference receivers that we can supply. In all instances, the system is monitored by at least one skilled technician ensure everything works smoothly.

Hybrid Remote Interpretation

As the name suggests, here we mix remote simultaneous interpretation technology with the more traditional methods. Some attendees and interpreters will still be ‘in the room’ as normal while others will join the meeting remotely using one of our on line platforms. This is particularly useful where you have a small number of delegates with travel issues or, maybe one or two language pairings with limited travel options.

Virtual Meetings

Where it is not possible for anyone to travel to a physical meeting, we offer a number of fully virtual options. Delegates log on to a dedicated video conferencing system using their own devices and select the appropriate audio channel for their language. Interpretation is provided by live interpreters, logged on to a separate interpreter portal in the same system. Interpreters will work from either a central hub (if possible) or from their own premises. Their interpretation is then fed back to the delegates.

We offer a number of different platforms and can tailor our offering based on the complexity of your event and your budget. We can also provide dedicated interpretation platforms that integrate with your own choice of meeting platform (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, Go To Meeting etc). Security may also be a consideration and we can offer platforms with up to three layers of security to keep unauthorised persons from ‘attending’ your meeting or event.

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