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The languages services market is huge, and growing as a consequence of an increasingly

interconnected world. Markets which may not have conducted much business with one another now do so frequently, and global mobility is spreading populations further around the world.


The result is an outsourced services industry estimated to reach circa $45 Billion by 2020.


The need for translation and interpretation will grow within all settings – whether corporate or public, oreven private individual requests.


When looking for a partner to provide interpreters and/or interpretation equipment it’s important to work with one that can tie into your market and provide solutions for your clients needs.


For example: If the main focus of your service is to help your clients grow via the translation of marketing material and localisation, thereby enabling them to tap into new markets, it’s paramount that your interpretation partner can source the right interpreters who have experience and knowledge in sales and marketing. The same idea applies to material relating to: Legal, pharmaceutical, finance, and tech etc.


If you’re confident that your interpretation partner can help you to achieve your clients goal, the next step is to ensure that they are ahead of the game. For example, If you heavily incorporate tech and innovation into your service/ offer (which I know most agencies are doing so via CAT tools, e.g. translation memory software, etc.), check that your partner can provide remote interpretation as well as traditional methods.




ISL provides: Simultaneous, consecutive, and whispering conference and public service interpreters into all major

business languages and sectors, Interpretation Equipment, technical on-site assistance, and remote/ off-site


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