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We provided interpretation for five language for a one day European Dealer Congress. We also transported and installed all of the necessary interpretation equipment with receivers for 200 delegates. The venue was challenging in terms of access and space with interpretation booths having to slot into a relatively small pod created within temporary exhibition space [...] Read More
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Interpreters only for this one, Spanish and Mandarin two way interpretation to and from English for a medical Investigator meeting. We used some of our UK based team of simultaneous interpreters for this two day event in Central Brussels, traveling in using the Eurostar service between city centres. For this type of meeting, we ensure [...] Read More
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A two week event where we provided a single booth, Interpretation system for 50 delegates and a PA and sound mixer providing a clear sound feed to the interpreters. Although smaller in scale, the job was complicated by involving two venues at opposite ends of the country. We built the set up in Croydon on [...] Read More
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This was a four languages, two day event in the Algarve Convention Centre, Vilamoura. We provided all the necessary equipment, including soundproof booths and infrared receivers for 150 delegates. Our team consisted of eight interpreters, two technicians and an interpreter coordinator pulling everything together. Challenges to overcome included a total power failure in the venue [...] Read More