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In addition to the interpreter’s fee, you will be expected to pay for their standard class travel accommodation (where needed) and a ‘per diem’ to cover meals where these are not already provided.

Yes, of course you can. However, it should be fit for purpose and suitable for use by professional interpreters. The attached document provides more guidance.

MS Teams does not have an integrated interpretation system unlike Zoom. However, we have access to platforms which can easily integrate with MS Teams and allow us to provide simultaneous interpretation in the background. Our preferred platform is Ablio Conference which allows us to take a feed from your Teams meeting to our virtual interpreter booth and then transmit interpretation via the internet to any browser or smart device.

Yes. Zoom has built in interpretation features (premium versions only) which our interpreters will be familiar with and able to use. Zoom’s built in interpretation system my not always be most appropriate for your event. In this case, we can still take a feed from your Zoom meeting and use an alternative system to provide simultaneous interpretation. Our preferred option is Ablio Conference though we can also work with many other platforms.

Yes. Simultaneous interpreting requires a huge cognitive effort on the part of the interpreter and they need to use both their sense of hearing and sight to ensure they are Abe to interpret effectively. Ideally, interpreter booths should be positioned with a clear line of sight to the stage. However, in smaller venues this may not be possible in which case, a video feed and large screen monitor will be needed. For remote simultaneous interpreting, both a video and audio feed will be required.

For all events using four or more languages (eight or moire interpreters), we offer a free on site interpreter coordinator. All we ask is that the client covers their travel and accommodation where necessary. The coordinator will ensure that all interpreters are present in the right place at call times and act as a single point of contact between interpreters and event organisers to avoid multiple requests for information.

We do and, when arranging interpretation equipment, would always recommend you take up this offer. A site visit can identify potential issues ahead of time and help us plan solutions. For example, the proposed room may be too small to fit interpreter booths in so an alternative may have to be planned, possible even a remote simultaneous interpretation system. Alternatively, the room may have a lot of wood as part of its structure which tends to soak up signals from infra red interpretation transmission systems and would require us to set up additional IR emitters to cover the whole event. We always aim to offer you solutions and a site visit helps identify where these may be needed.

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Interpretation deals with the spoken word while translation deals with the written word. In either case, the interpreter or translator aims to maintain the meaning in he target language rather than merely replacing individual words.

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Simultaneous interpreters will nearly always need to work in pairs for each language. The cognitive load on simultaneous interpreters is huge and they will rarely able to work in stretches of more than 30 minutes at a time before handing over.

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Using our long experience in the industry, we always aim to match the right interpreters to your event. For example, if. your event is a medical conference we would only use interpreters with experience in such events. All of our interpreters make prior preparation to ensure they are on top of yoiur subject matter and will always seek advance copies of presentations. For highly technical subject matter, we may also need to work with you in advance to create specialist glossaries.

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Broadly, interpretation takes three forms. Consecutive, where the speaker will pause after short sections of speech to all the interpreter to repeat in the target language: Simultaneous, where the interpreter listens to the speaker while simultaneously speaking their words in the target language; or Whispering, where the interpreter sits close to an individual and whispers an interpretation directly to them.

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The cost of interpretation will depend on the language required, type of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering) and the degree of technicality of the subject matter. We will be happy to provide a no obligation quote on request.

Generally, for on site interpretation you will need

Soundproofed interpreter booths compliant with ISO 4043

Suitable microphones, PA system and sound mixer (alternatively, a sound feed from you)

Delegate receivers, tuneable to each of the conference languages

Sufficient infra-red emitter panels to broadcast the interpretation

In addition, depending on the nature of your event, you may need microphones with parliamentary voting buttons, video monitors, pan/tilt/zoom cameras or ‘tour guide’ systems. We can source and supply all of these

Often interpreters need to travel long distances to attend an event. In some cases and especially for rarer languages, this may involve international travel. We would always aim too have interpreters travel out the evening before so they travel outside their normal working day. However, sometimes flight schedules make this impossible so they need to travel during the working day which means they cannot accept any other job. The travel day, charged at half their daily work fee, is to compensate for any other work they must turn down to attend your event.

Interpretation, especially simultaneous interpretation requires huge levels of concentration . Normally, simultaneous interpreters will change over around every 30 minutes. Therefore, when simultaneous interpretation is required, two interpreters will be required for any meeting over 30 minutes. Consecutive interpreters can work for longer, up to around one and a half hours at a time but a second interpreter would be needed for any longer or if the subject matter is complex.

There may be some limited circumstances where a single interpreter might be suitable (such as a series off short, non complex, sessions with breaks in between. However, any agency routinely offering single interpreters is unlikely to be working with true professionals.

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For some languages there are only a limited n umber of professional interpreters available and they may have to travel some distance to work at your event. Often it is not reasonably possible for the interpreter to travel to your event on the day and be there on time to start. In this case, they may need to travel the night before and stay overnight.

Rigging simultaneous interpretation equipment can take some time, especially where large numbers of interpreter booths are required or where access is difficult. In addition, we will need time to test all the relevant links to ensure that interpreters will receive a clear sound feed and that interpretation can be heard throughout the meeting room on the infra red transmission channels. We believe any client will want simultaneous interpretation equipment to work perfectly throughout the events would not want to rush an installation on the day and risk unexpected issues detracting from performance.

Wide view of single interpretation booth set up in Playfair Hall Edinburgh

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