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Why ‘Waste’ Money on Interpretation?
admin 24th September 2019 No Comments

Imagine if you will that you have a keen amateur interest in (let’s say) rocket science. You have no training or education in the subject but it really piques your interest. In fact, so much so that you decide to attend a conference where the latest developments in rocket science will be introduced.   Imagine […]

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How Interpretation can Help in the New Age of Automotives
admin 23rd January 2019 No Comments

How Interpretation can Help in the New Age of Automotives   I think most of us will remember the first time we heard about or saw a self driving vehicle for ourselves. Once belonging to the realms of fantasy and science fiction – we’ve come a long way since KITT. The automotives industry has seen […]

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COVID-19 Update

Multiple soundproof interpreter booths set up backstage at Xerox event in Portugal


The booths may be empty but life goes on. We are still open and happy to work with you to build remote meeting and event options. We have access to a number of platforms for all sorts of events and have interpreters available that are skilled in their use.

Alternatively, sure in the knowledge that this situation cannot last for ever, we are happy to work on making sure your event is ready to go as soon as feasible. Also, translation services are still available for the written word.

Contact us to find out more:

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