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Interpretation and the European Works Council
admin 30th June 2021 No Comments

For better or worse (and we all have a view) Brexit has happened. So, is that the end of the European Works Council as far as British based companies are concerned? The answer would appear to be no and, indeed, even more negotiation may have to take place. The relevant EU directives are still in […]

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Why ‘Waste’ Money on Interpretation?
admin 24th September 2019 No Comments

Imagine if you will that you have a keen amateur interest in (let’s say) rocket science. You have no training or education in the subject but it really piques your interest. In fact, so much so that you decide to attend a conference where the latest developments in rocket science will be introduced.   Imagine […]

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How Interpretation can Help in the New Age of Automotives
admin 23rd January 2019 No Comments

How Interpretation can Help in the New Age of Automotives   I think most of us will remember the first time we heard about or saw a self driving vehicle for ourselves. Once belonging to the realms of fantasy and science fiction – we’ve come a long way since KITT. The automotives industry has seen […]

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Interpreting for Translation Agencies
admin 10th January 2019 No Comments

  The languages services market is huge, and growing as a consequence of an increasingly interconnected world. Markets which may not have conducted much business with one another now do so frequently, and global mobility is spreading populations further around the world.   The result is an outsourced services industry estimated to reach circa $45 […]

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The different forms of interpretation
admin 2nd January 2019 No Comments

The different forms of interpretation Interpreting is a complex task – and it’s often misunderstood in its complexity. A literal translation of words is a simple task compared to a communication of thought. The highly skilled interpreter not only communicates the message, but also the purpose, emotion, and intent contained within it. This is done […]

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