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Simultaneous Interpretation for Events

Interpreter working in booth our Brahler Interpretation equipmentLet’s talk about simultaneous interpretation for events.

Simultaneous interpretation for events involves a professional interpreter listening to the speaker and, with minimal delay, speaking their words in a new language. Interpreters will usually work from a soundproofed booth within sight of the speaker and take their sound feed electronically. Simultaneous interpretation for your event is transmitted to individual headsets worn by participants wishing to listen in their own language in close to real time.

One powerful advantage of simultaneous interpretation for events is that it does not delay or break up the flow of the event in the way consecutive interpretation would. Alos, we would normally use infra red to transmit interpretation which avoids electronic interference and can me more secure as there is no ‘leakage’ beyond the meeting room.

When considering simultaneous interpretation for events, we work with you from the start. We will ensure that the soundproofed booths will fit your venue and give interpreters the necessary line of sight. Where this is not possible we can advise other options up to and including full offsite remote interpretation. We will ensure that we provide the right number of infra red emitters to cover your entire event and have sufficient headsets for all tparticipants requiring simultaneous interpretation. Our technicians will be on site at all times to ensure things run smoothly.

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