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Conference Interpretation Equipment - Interpretation Solutions Limited

To make your event a success, you need the right interpretation equipment. We are happy to offer a free site inspection to discuss your requirements, asses what you need and, just as importantly, make sure it will fit in your venue.

Working in house and with partners.we are able to offer a wide range of the best simultaneous interpretation equipment available. 

Interpretation equipment and event technology we provide includes:

  • simultaneous interpretation systems which provide a dedicated sound-proofed booth for interpreters who simultaneously interpret what’s being said in a meeting for delegates wearing an infrared headset or listening via a congress microphone unit. Infra red emitters and receivers avoid issues of radio interference and also limit the possibility of eavesdropping on confidential discussions since they do not transmit beyond the confines of the conference room.
  • PA systems and microphones that allow a quality sound feed to the interpreters where this is not otherwise available in the venue
  • push to talk microphone systems which allow delegates seated in a meeting or event room to each have a dedicated microphone.
  • Tour guide systems which allow simultaneous interpretation ‘on the move’ for events such as factory tours.
  • interactive audience response systems, either by wireless keypads or via delegate microphone units with voting buttons built in.

Of course, we also provide experienced, well qualified technicians to be on site for the duration of your event to ensure that all o9f our interpretation equipment functions as it should.

In addition, we have access to remote interpretation platforms which allow interpreters to work anywhere from a ‘virtual booth’ and even allows delegates who cannot travel to remotely access both the event and interpretation facilities.

Some further guidance on interpreter equipment can be found here

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Side view of interpreter booth showing our Brahlet stack and console along with our mixing deckpair of wireless conference micsWide view of single interpretation booth set up in Playfair Hall Edinburgh