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Business Interpretation

Let’s talk about Interpretation for Business

Business interpretation both helps you understand your customers and also show customers that you care enough to want to understand them. Skilled business interpreters take the spoken word and relay it in the target language, taking care to ensure that its meaning remains intact. Maintaining meaning is essential when doing business and business interpreters do far more than simply replace words in one language with a similar word in another.

Business interpreters work with the spoken word. Where documents are involved, translation is required. Many of our business interpreters are also skilled translators.

When it comes to interpretation for business, our team at Interpretation Solutions has years of experience. We have worked with many multi nationals. We ensure that only the best and most suitable interpreters are assigned to your meeting event. So, these will be most highly skilled and experienced. They will all have its of experience in business interpreting and will be happy to sign non disclosure agreements if required..

We also act as a link between you and the interpreters to ensure they are fully briefed and prepared for the often highly technical nature of business interpretation. Indeed, much of the work starts well before your meeting does and will involve creating glossaries of technical terms and their equivalents in target languages.

So, if you require interpretation for your multi lingual business meeting or event, please contact us using the form below.

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