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Interpretation for Product Launches

Let’s talk about Interpretation for product launches.

Interpretation for product launches is important when launching to a large international dealer network. Providing simultaneous interpretation allows a company to launch their product to their international network in one event, no mater what languages are spoken, Customers feel included and everyone sees the new product at the same time

When it comes to interpretation for product launches, our team at Interpretation Solutions has years of experience. We have worked with multi nationals such as Canon and Xerox. We ensure that only the best and most suitable interpreters are assigned to your event. So, these will be most highly skilled and experienced. They will all have worked at product launches in the past and will be happy to sign non disclosure agreements if required.

Interpreting for Xerox Product launch


We also act as a link between you and the interpreters to ensure they are fully briefed and prepared for the often highly technical nature of interpretation for your product launch. Indeed, much of the work starts well before your meeting does and will involve creating glossaries of technical terms and their equivalents in target languages.

So, if you require interpretation for your multi lingual product launch please contact us using the form below.

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