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Interpretation and the European Works Council

admin 30th June 2021 No Comments

Microphones and delegate interpretation receivers. Suitable for use in EWC's and other conferences and meetings

For better or worse (and we all have a view) Brexit has happened. So, is that the end of the European Works Council as far as British based companies are concerned? The answer would appear to be no and, indeed, even more negotiation may have to take place. The relevant EU directives are still in place and a company with 1000+ employee in the EU/EAA with at 150 or more staff ion each of two EU countries needs an EWC.

Of course, British based staff are now out of that mathematical equation but that does not necessarily mean the automatic demise of an EWC just because the numbers no longer add up. Indeed, it has been suggested that closure of  a company’s EWC is simply an option and not an obligation in these circumstances. In practice, there will be a need to negotiate and find a way forward.

In addition, the continued participation of UK based members may not automatically end as a result of Brexit. It is always possible that the Council may have been set up with this in mind an d UK based members are specifically still included. Even where this is not the case, provision exists for third country (which the UK now is) representation and how this looks will have to be subject of negotiation.

All in all, it may well be a busy time at present for companies and their EWC’s. We can help by providing a full language support service to your EWC meeting. This includes top quality simultaneous interpreters with years of relevant EWC experience, all the neccessary equipment for either in person or remote meetings, transcribers to record verbatim accounts of meetings and translators to render all documents into the native languages of participants.

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